History of our cooperative cellar

A rich history to discover: from the Roman era until today, discover the history of our terroirs and the wines of Hautes Corbières. The vine was introduced by Greek merchants as early as the 2nd century BC, but actually developed during the Roman occupation. The conditions were so favorable that the viticulture of the Narbonnaise shaded the “Italian” owners. The emperor demanded a limitation of production …

The castles

A land with a rich history and covered with monumental castles. You are passionate about Cathar castles, villages and all the things that make this territory a unique link between history and landscapes? Discover more about the castles of Hautes Corbières and the vertiginous landscapes that surround them. A simple walk in the streets of our oldest villages will take you on a journey and make you live a unique experience.

Our terroirs

The turbulent tectonic activity of the region explains the coexistence of layers from different periods of earth life. Our vineyard situated at an altitude of between 150 and 500 metres is characterized by long cycles which give time to the expression of aromas. The climate of Hautes Corbières is dry, sunny and warm. This terroir benefits from the natural protection provided by the mountains which create a very specific climate, of which we are the only beneficiaries: a continental climate in the Mediterranean area. The dry and healthy northwesterly wind, allows our vineyard of the Hautes Corbières terroir to avoid excessive treatments …

Our winemakers

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The wines of our cooperative cellar

Fraicheur Rouge, Blanc, Rosé, Cuvée du Curé de Cucugnan, Roc de Bonelli, Corvaria, Vertiges as many wines that fill the ranks of exceptional wines of Terroirs du Vertige. Discover the taste of excellence of the Hautes-Corbières thanks to our wide range which reflects the particular character of our soils. Quality wines like the work of our passionate winemakers.

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